Please dear Lord, bless this child

that I carry,

A symbol of  love for our life

to be merry.


Please bless our child with love

and kindness,

And give us the strength to be of

good guidance.


Please dear Lord, help our child to

be healthy and strong,

Help it dear Lord as its life

goes on.


Please bless it dear Lord with Your

gentle sweet touch,

And let it know, O Lord, that we love

it so much.


I can't thank You enough for this

child, dear Lord.

For filling the place that is no

longer void.


Dear Lord, I pray

and ask of You,

Please bless us dear Lord and

help us through.


By: Holly Osborne

For: The Osborne Baby

All Rights Reserved


Portrait of Heather Stiltner

Used with permission





Midi: Missy's Lullaby


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