He has told me if I would weather the storm

One day I could sail free

If I would hold on to the helm

There will be joy for me.

Although waves sometimes splash high

I know who made the sea

And underneath the waves

There remains perfect peace for me.

For Jesus is that perfect peace

Once in our heart, anchored within our soul

When toilsome waves encompass

Jesus overpowers and steadies with perfect control.

He has told me if we will forgive

Trespasses of the fellow man

If we will rejoice in tribulations

We can eat of the manna from Canaan's Land.

For every unrighteous deed will be accounted for

It's not for us, vengeance to repay

God knows our every thought and

How to safely guide our ship to bay.

He has told me, it is better for those that offend

To be cast into the sea and in the depth there of

Than to offend one of God's little ones

That believe in Him and is filled with His love.

He has told me, if we will do good for evil

And pray for those that trouble our heart

He will surely take notice

And to us His blessings, He will lovingly impart.

If we will love our enemies

There's no room for strife

If we would lay our cares in God's hands

There would be more joy in our life.

For we're too weak and small

To battle the storms of life on our on

Only Jesus on His high throne

Has the power to make Satan's waves be calm.

If we would hold on to the life line

For a Christian there's no letting go

For that life line is Jesus

Neither height or depth can separate Him from soul.

If we would be slow to speak

And let Him guide our tongue

Let not waves of discord rise

Our storms of life will be won.

This I know

For He Has Told Me So

Put our trust in God

And over the high waves we can row.

Blessings, Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved



Music: Soulsong
2001 Bruce DeBoer
Used with permission


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