At His feet my heart was humbled

 In Godly sorrow, I truly cried

Seeking for God's mercy

For my Master, I had not glorified.


At His feet I sought salvation

There many tears did flow

 My soul was heavy laden

For my Savior, I did not know.

At His feet I sought redemption

I had not His saving grace

A soul that was dead in sin

My Savior's love, I could not embrace.

At His feet a heart high and haughty

I feel became washed white as snow

A Special Savior to the believer

Jesus goes with me wherever I go.


It was there I gave Jesus all my heart

You can have my life, but save my soul

Peace... peace like a river flowed

A soul once dead now alive and made whole.


It was there, my life did change

Filled with love as never before

With joyful tears now flowing

His grace came in for evermore.


At His feet my soul took flight

In the spirit of the Lord

Now that I may praise Him

My King, precious and adored.


At His feet, I often bow

Thanking Him for each day

And for the blessings that He sends

Comfort, knowing He will make a way.


At His feet, I feel secure

That I'm His and He is mine

That one day I'll live with Him

And in Heaven we shall dine.


At His feet, may I ever anoint Him

May I ever submit unto His will

That my every thought turn unto Him

As I remember His day on Golgotha Hill.


Danna Robinette

7 ~ 17 ~ 09

All Rights Reserved











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