In the days of old,

Great stories have been told.

I wonder what our hearts would have in store,

If we entered the church and could hear the singing

of Holy men gone on before.


What would it be like to shake hands with Job,

What words would he say,

How would he greet Thee?

I know with great love he would meet me.

He would be so patient and kind,

He would gently lift this heart of mine.

 What would it be like sitting by Mary’s side?

Would her hair be long and flowing,

What color of robe would she be wearing?

I know she would be filled with love.

Would she have a smile or would she be shouting?

How would it feel to kneel at her feet,

When at communion we would meet?

I know she would be my friend

Our joys would never end.

 What would it be like if John the Baptist,

Came to the stand dressed in his camel hair,

Filled with great power!

There would be shouting everywhere.

Wonder what his words would be

For you and me, while feeling so free.

Wonder what he would look like,

How would he greet Thee?


If we could hear Silas lining a song,

Our hearts would leap with joy as we sang along.

Wonder what song he would choose to sing,

Wonder what sweet comforting message it would bring.

I know there would be a distinction in the sound.

I know great love would abound,

as he stood on Holy ground.


If we would only meet today

As the prophets and disciples did in their day.

Oh what blessings Jesus would bestow,

How our churches would grow and grow.

How we could meet and shout and pray,

All gloom and sorrow would fade away.

Forgiving every one we meet,

Each embrace would be so sweet

With our hearts at Jesus' feet.




Artwork:  Spirit of the Summit
by Lord Frederick Leighton

Midi: Jesus Calls Us
Elton Smith, Larry Holder & Steve Israel


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