At dayís end, I think of my friend.

As I quietly lie upon my bed,

I think of the many inspiring words she has said.

The Angel came and in death took her away

Oh, how I do miss her today.

Many years ago, I prayed for a friend.

God interceded and a jewel, He did send.

She brought so much joy and laughter you see.

This special Sister, God sent her to me.

Now she is gone, in Heaven she shall be.

An inspiration has gone from my day,

Such wisdom she left will never fade away.

Simplicity was her heart and her song,

Having so much virtue as she trod along.

Calling ministers for the sick,  was her gift,

When God intervened, Oh what a lift!

With great joy she then would call and say,

ďAre you feeling better? I had you prayed for today.Ē

Giving presents and shopping gave her exceedingly joy.

Wrapping her gifts, and giving God glory.

Her shopping has ceased, the dayís at an end,

I will always savor precious moments with my friend.

Her pain is all gone, no more worry in her heart.

The peace she is feeling is only the start.

Many years she has awaited for this spiritual time to come,

She has seen the glory of Jesus, her race is won.

No more struggle to climb the hill,

Her mansion is waiting by Godís own will.

Sleep on Sister, enjoy your rest,

By having known you, I feel so Blessed.

Your children and grandchildren will cope today,

They can trust in one that has promised to make a way.

He is a present help in time of need.

They will remember all the years, youíve sowed His seed.

Your strength is instilled into each and every one,

The love you gave will carry on till life is gone.

Yes, at dayís end... Iíll think of you,

How God gave me a friend that was so true!

In loving memory of Sister Bertha Scott

Danna Robinette

Sept 2002

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Artwork: Countess Brownlow by
Sir Frederick Leighton

Quote: "The music in my heart I bore,
long after it was heard no more. "

Music: Skibreen
Traditional Irish Folktune
Sequenced by Barry Taylor

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