On that Holy Night when Mary rode,

God made a way for her abode.

Should the Innkeeper have known the worth,

Of this precious Baby's miraculous birth,

Would a manger of hay,

Been where our Savior lay?

The Innkeeper's name we do not know,

But a heart full of love, he did show.

He must have been a special man,

For God to include him in the plan.

God's plan could have been a king's way,

Jesus born in a palace at the break of day,

But God's realm is of the heart,

Where riches of joy and love start.

What joy the heart of the Innkeeper holds!

As the story of our Savior gently unfolds.

How his stable became a palace in the eyes of God,

As the plan of salvation was delivered

For all men to trod.

May God's Blessings be bestowed upon you

this glorious Christmas Season

Written By

Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved










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