The little nest sits vacant now

In silence it does convey

The chirping sound has faded

Since the little birds have flown away.


Momma bird searched carefully

For a place to build her nest

A wreath hanging upon my front door

Safe and secure she felt was best.


Eagerly flying to and fro

She carried each strand of straw

Intertwined to make the perfect nest

Then perched, she gazed in awe.


Four little eggs soon filled the nest

What a proud momma she would be

As the eggs began to hatch

And her babies she could see.


Each time our door was opened

She would flutter her wings and fly

Then came the day she sat very still

And I began to ponder why.


I could see the fear upon her

And how to her I was a stranger

Yet covered by her tiny wings

She sought to shield her babies from danger.


In amazement I watched how she cared for them

How close she stayed by their nest

Bit by bit of how she first fed them

How alert and watchful and dared not rest.

Soon the babies grew and grew

Feathers covered their tiny wings

The nest began to overfill

What joy to mamma bird, they did bring.

Then one day the time had come

The baby birds must learn to fly

Wonder who had taught them

Must have been the Creator from on high.

I found the little nest empty 

As I returned home one day

I often wonder where they are

Since they have flown away.

Kind of like cherished friends

Who enter our lives for a while

Then soon travel on their way

Leaving only memories of a smile.

Written By:

Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved








Graphic Design By

Danna Robinette


By: Deneisha Osborne


Midi: Birds Of Morning

  Dolphin Dream's Quietude 

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