Lift our President in prayer
That he may be all that he can be
A breath of fresh air for America
A spirit where freedom can be free.
A new threshold in America's youth
A down to earth shining light
An understanding to lead and guide
Instilling a zeal for a future bright.
May our prayers reach upward
That he may be as a knight in shining array
A creed of past redemption
From slavery to blazing ignition of the USA.
That our President may bring America
Through God and his mighty power
Back into solid state of grace transmissions
Tearing down walls and uniting towers.
As he joins hand in hand with America
Molding our youth by Bible morals
Yet an astounding force to press forward
A symbol of distinct laurels.
Bringing assurance of blazing hope
As he treads the flight of the eagle's soar
Embarking a high mark of achievement
Bidding peace to rumors of war.
Mr. President pressing forward ever so fearlessly
As David of Old slew the great giant
With God all things are possible
Let God prevail with defiant.
Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved






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