Jesus, Thou art my Pearl of Great Price







The pearl in the garden, what beauty mine eyes did behold!
Oh, the luxurious sheen how it did glow.
The solitary pearl lay in the midst of the fertile soil,
So richly and well-tilled now without toil.

The pearl in the garden ~ Jesus, Thou art my only pearl.
How beautiful the site, as the dream did unfurl.
Oh, the beautiful pearl of great price that lay there.
What could we purchase that shall compare
To a home in Heaven that Jesus went to prepare?

Could this be the hand of God
That began tracing the pattern through the sod?
Laying the pattern for inlaid stone, He did bring
Hosanna to the highest! Praises to the King!

With each trace the pattern became more clear.
As they began to link, my dreams became more dear.
Lord, could this be the way to draw souls to be born anew?
Could this be a pattern that would bring praises to You?

Then in the dream, I saw a narrow path.
Could it be leading to the Garden of Life?
Then a vision in my mind appeared.
I saw palm bows pave the path that seemed near.

Oh, how delicate and gently the palms were being laid there.
What does this dream mean, I pondered with care.
Thank you Jesus for the angelic message, You sent there.

Danna Marie Robinette

Copyright 2008


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