Wherever thou goest

Our Father will be there

Mighty are His works

As He breaks the chains of care.

He goeth with us in the banks of fire

To the utter most parts of the earth

Our Father will purposely be there

When we stand on the mountain peak

And view the workmanship of His hand

Mightiest of all is He in the land.

None but Thou, Father can create the beauty of

The falling snow cascading from Thy portal

None but Thou can rise the sun

Or hang the moon, no not mortal

Only Thou can calm the sea

And speak and Satan flee.

Only Thou which hang on the rugged tree

Which paid the cost at Calvary

It's only Thou, Father and in Thee

That has the power to save sinners

And set them free.

No not in man, yea less than ought

Only that which comes from the Father

Are the unseen things worthy to be sought

In Thou art the glory Divine

The galaxy of heavens is Thine

It's in Thee the stars fall or shine,

How glorious to feel Thou art mine.

Who hath measured the waters

In the hollow of Thine hand

And meted out heaven with the span

Who hath comprehended the dust of the earth

In all it's measure

And weighted the mountains in scales

And the hills in a balance with pleasure.

How great Thou Art, Oh how hallow

Who hath been Thy counsellor

Or directed Thine spirit

Who hath Thou been instructed by

Who hath taught Thee judgment

Or showed Thee the way of understanding

Yea none, Father only Thou on high.

Great is Thy art work

Thou painteth with an unseen hand

A masterpiece of creation

That can come only from heaven's land

Only in God and His Son we shall stand.

Wherever thou goest

Seek and ye shall find

Knock and it shall be opened

To those that shall choose to follow

The Holy Father and His salvation plan.

Blessings, Danna Robinette


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Casting all your care upon him; 

for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7




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