Satan's manufactures are booming

Their sales raging high

Evil inventions of his toys

In them death does lie.

Satan tells our young of his pleasure

Just try and you will see, says he

He fails to tell one day all will die

Where will their eternal home be?

Satan's ways are clever

The conscience he does devour

Deceitful in every way

And in him lies great power.

But there remains a greater...

Jesus, who has power over all

Satan is the lesser

Only on our loving Savior shall we call.

Jesus knows our very being

In our every weakness, He is there

Jesus is our saving comfort

Where Satan has spread his devious flare.

Listen for Jesus' small still voice

Obey, when it comes to call

For His words are ever true

And Heaven's land will be worth it all.

For when Satan transforms himself

And appears as an angel of light

Each time he is obeyed

Brings on a greater plight.

Satan's path is long and broadened

Jesus' time may be short and soon

Seek Jesus, for He is daily weaving

On Heaven's heritage loom.

One day Heaven's tapestry will be finished

Jesus' saving loom will be no more

All thread of life will be ended

Will our sins be covered for Heaven's shore?

Will Jesus see our thread of life as golden

Does it have an unbreakable bind

Have we loved Jesus with all our heart and soul

In strength and honor has our garment shined

Has Jesus softly whispered, Peace be Thine?


Blessings, Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved

He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth...

Daniel 6:27 KJV

Song ~ Ride Out The Storm

Sung by ~ Eld. Buddy Carty

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