Have you ever met this Rose Of Sharon

Have you ever been saved by His precious blood

Have you ever felt so blessed when wrapped in His love.

Have you ever loved your enemy as your precious own

Have you ever prayed for God to bless them

With power from His throne

Have you ever prayed for God to take away their pain

Gently send His sunshine and for clouds to hold their rain.

Have you ever rejoiced in persecutions

When sinners or saints have done you wrong

Or when they spitefully use you... Sing His song all day long

For to suffer with Him is to with Him reign

To die in Christ is gain.

Are you sustained by His petals as they wrap you in His love

As they bless and keep you vital, for they are dipped in His blood

Never let them wither... Never let the petals decay

Hold on to the Rose called Jesus to forever show us the way.

May we never get caught up, in Glorying in the flesh

For the velvet petals then will wither

Their sweet fragrance fail to linger

Their softness will crumble

Until at His feet we humble.

May we cling to the joy of our first fruits

When Jesus first saved our soul

Cling to He who revives with His spiritual water

He who sprinkles His petals with His precious dew

He who puts the zeal in His children

He who leads His chosen few.

God's gift is humbly entwined in the lovely rose

It's beauty beyond compare, it's petals all so elegant

As the petals gently unfold... as His love flows

May we never be wrapped up in withered rose petals

May we seek God's will and let the Rose bloom forever.

"Written As A Parable"

Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved




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