Angel Of Mary


Oh, Angel Gabriel that came to Mary, did bless...

Thou shalt bring forth a son named Jesus.

Hail, you're highly favoured of God,

Blessed art thou among women that trod.

His name shall be called Prince of Peace,

Wonderful, Counsellor never to cease.

And of His kingdom there shall be no end,

A Saviour of the world to save us from sin.

Angel of Mary, I ponder in my heart today,

Did Mary and Babe take time out to play?

How she must have marveled to see...

Mary's Angel please unravel to me.

Tell me of Jesus' loving way,

After He outgrew the manger of hay,

Beyond the new birth where Jesus laid,

After the Babe's first footsteps were made.

When was He told of His miraculous birth,

Or did He know before coming to earth?

Hail! Mary to hold the Saviour in her arms,

How her heart did rejoice by His smile and charm.

How Mary must have worshiped when all was calm,

When suddenly baby Jesus first called her "Mom."

When did she see His wisdom begin to grow,

From this precious One, born in a manger so low?

Did Mary and baby Jesus walk hand in hand,

On banks of Jordan to build castles in the sand?

Did He romp and play like other little boys,

Or was playing with lambs His favorite joy?

How she did marvel at His time spent in the synagogues,

As He prepared for the coming of the Heavenly news.

Angel of Mary's, please reveal to me more...

Bring sweet messages from Heaven's door.

Did Mary know, could she see the way

That her loving Jesus must travel one day?

Was Mary rejoicing or was her heart in despair,

Of the burdens one day the Babe would bear?

Could she see the crucifixion of Him on the tree,

Or was that withheld and God only let her see,

The Resurrection of the King sent to Redeem,

Jesus Christ born on Christmas Day, being Supreme.

Jesus Being The Reason

May We Ever Keep Jesus In The Season

"Merry Christmas"

Written By Danna

All Rights Reserved





Luke 1:35
 And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.


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