As he rides upon the wind

The path of power within his feet

The sound of the four beat gait

A golden heart strides against defeat.


His bridle shines against the cascading rays

His flowing mane glistening from the sun

Stamina as the roaring thunder

Until the ride is won.


His motion in flight is as the eagle

Free spirit is his powerful way

Clothed with graceful pleasure

Till shadows embrace the end of day.


Smoothness in his rapid performance

His elite manner characterizing his breed 

Intriguingly amazed is the owner

As he sees potential to electrically exceed.


His proudness is in the breath of his nostrils

He paweth at earths dismay

He reareth in glory of strength

His master's complacence he does convey.


His trail of fearless endurance

From the mountain top to valley below

Memories of our dear El Trojan II

Are met in death's after glow.


Danna Robinette

6 ~ 25 ~ 09

All Rights Reserved 




El Trojan II

The first Peruvian Paso to be

born in Pike County, Kentucky

Owner: Danny Robinette






Midi: El Condor Pasa

Paul Simon

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