Come Good Shepherds

~feed my sheep~


How beautiful are the feet

Of those that preach the Gospel so sweet,

Those that stand on Holy ground,

Bringing forth the heavenly sound,

That in Jesus' love we may abound,

Our souls being blessed to touch Jesus' crown.


How precious HIS shepherds are,

That bring good tidings from afar.

That we may sing and shed tears of joy.

That they may shout and praise as angel convoys.


Precious shepherds chosen by God's own hand,

Bringing messages to help us stand,

Lifting our spirits as we travel this land.

Precious memories we may hold,

   As their Gospel stories unfold.

May in our hearts we give double honor,

May we lift them high in prayer,

Knowing the burdens they do bear.



Thank you Jesus for the shepherds of the flock,

That exalts YOUR name above all,

That tells of YOUR grace how we will never fall,

How YOU will save when on YOU they may call,

How salvation may pave their way,

Thank you JESUS for your blessings today.


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved




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