Jesus, Thou art my Pearl of Great Price

**The Pearl In The Garden**

**Come See The King**

**Laying Palm Boughs For Jesus**

**Bless These Hands**

**The Beauty Of The Thorn**

**Where Can I Go**

**Dandelions For Nanny**

**He Grew The Tree**

 **The Mirror Of Holiness**

**In The Garden Spa**

**Come Good Shepherds** 

**I Would Do It Again** 

 **Shelby Valley's Wonder Team**

**Where Have They Laid Him**

**Flowers Will Bloom Forever**

 **My Beloved Son**

 **Just One Hour**

 **The Words Of Life Eternal**

 **In The Vineyard**

 **Angelic Flight**

 **A Child Of Grace**

 **Turn My Canvas To Silk**

 **In My Eyes**

**The Sparrows Song**

**He Shed His Blood**

**By His Stripes**

**Never Again Precious Master**

**Thanksgiving Blessings**

**Standing Her Ground**

**My Love, My Undefiled**

**Bind Not My Wings**

**Behold, The Lamb Of God**

**The Good Old Path**

**Heaven's Joy**

**Multitudes Of Jesus**

**Shawl Of Autumn**

**Love Reaches**

**Whispers Of Fall**

**Jesus, Near The Door**  

**Precious Little Children**

**Preacher, Time To Sit Down**

**Momma Built Me A Castle**

**A Fountain Of Love**

**Treasured Heirloom Poetry**

**By Faith**

**Exalt Our King**

**The Walk**

**The Valiant Soldier**

**Jesus Calms The Sea**

**The Veil Of Marriage**

**Don't Ever Stop Dancing**

**Jesus, Our Humble Shepherd**

**Mother, Thou Art Fair & Lovely**

**Rejoice In This Day**

**Twins Are A Blessing**

**No High Chair, Thank You**

**Pray For Our President**

**God Bless You**

**The Invitation**

**Awaiting His Heavenly Flight**

**Come Sing With Me**

**Pray For Our Soldiers**

**Stitches Of Love Was Her Fashion**

**My Mother**

**Tickets Still Available**

**Friends Are Like Medicine**

**I Believe**

**Grandpa's 50 Cent Dozen Eggs

**Let Jesus Make Your Quilt**

**Harden Not My Heart**

**The Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar**

**Woman At The Well**

**Charity, The Greatest Of These**

**College Student's Lighthouse**

**Wherever Thou Goest**

**My Son Has Returned**

**Can You Imagine**

**Carty's Peaceful Hill**

**The Beautiful Rose Of Sharon**

**Essence Of Gold**

**Resting Among The Boulders** 

**God Speaks To Noah** 

**Our Love For Each Other**

**Beyond Heaven's Gates**

**Present From The Angel**

**Happy Birthday Daughter**  

**Grandpa's Family Bible**

**The Sparrows Song**

**I Do Not Stand Alone** 

**By The Beautiful Sea**

**God, The Student's Friend**

**Peruvian Paso Memories**

**True Friends** 

**God Holds Our Report Card**

**Take Up Thy Bed And Walk** 

**Day's End**  

**God Waters Our Garden** 

**At His Feet**

**Fitting In**

**God's Wonderous Design** 

**Lord, Be Thou My Vision**

**Under His Shelter** 

 **Only Our Best** 

**Covered By Her Wings**

**Lord, Hold To My Hand**

**Little Lamb, I'll Feed You**

**Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving**  

**Prayer For Guidance**

**Rescue The Perishing** 

**Touch Of The Master's Hand**

**Pa's Old Barn**

**Bless This Child**  

Did You See The Love?

**A Special Valentine**

**The Finish**  

**Oh Spring, Break Forth**

**The Desert's Rose**

**Abide With Me Gentle Savior**

**Jesus, My Trouble Tree**

**Heroes In Action**

**Grand Ole Associations**

**A Christian Rose**

**The Easter Story**

**The Burdon Of The Cross**

**A Daughter's Dream**

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