As I awake to a new day's dawn

And look out my window's view

I see a touch of the Master's hand

A blanket of white that's new.


          The snow is softly falling

All within is peace and calm

Only the sound of the song bird

That calls out a healing balm.


Now to view, what seems a flawless earth

For a moment imperfections cease to be

Covered by the Master's hand

I will lift my eyes to Thee.


As life's pages gently turn

Though the earth be frozen still

There's comfort in God's embrace

Joy in doing the Father's will.


Life is swiftly passing

As falling snow soon to melt away

Lo, I will lift mine eyes unto the hills

From whence cometh my help each day.


One day to see the Man whose raiment

Shiningly, exceeds the whiteness of snow

To hear Him say, Lo the winter is over

His promises maketh us to rejoice as we go.


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved






Thank you Alexis Brown

For the use of Snowflake Bar

Top Image ~ Mountains at Mouth Of Brushy Fork 

Midi: How Great Thou Are

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