Somewhere, Someone

Today as I see the sun a sinking

I can see the darkness coming o'er

I can see in my imagination

That somewhere on earth a life is gone.


Somewhere, someone today is leaving

Somewhere, someone is going away

Their life on this earth today is over

For somewhere, someone has gone away.

I thought of all my many friends I've met here

And what they meant to me down here below

But today, some of them now are leaving

And Oh' how it hurts to see them go.

It might be a loved one today that's leaving

Or it could be a friend just down the way

Or it could be a neighbor today that's leaving

And Oh' my dear friend it could be yourself.

So today, don't put off what's important

No, don't forget to kneel and pray

For today your life may be over

And you would be the one that went away.

Written and Sung By:

Eld. Buddy Carty

All Rights Reserved



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