When the thorn of life comes our way,
God's children get on their knees and pray.
It's God's way of shaping and molding,
As He watches the beautiful rose unfolding.

The thorn may appear in the form of pride,
Thus, being God's way of keeping one humble inside.
The thorn may come our way as fear,
Being God's way of one always wanting Him near,
Holding us in His arms so dear.

When the thorn buffets us in sorrow and gloom,
It's then we yield the richest perfume
As a delicate rose in its fullest of bloom.
It's then we are so heavenly blessed
When we've endured and stood the test.

The thorn is only a trial of Gods precious love,
Knowing we are guarded by His angels above.
Proving to us who's the anchorage of our soul;
Proving to us that we've been made whole.

When all nature has ceased
And the thorn is all gone,
We can go shouting to our heavenly home;
Praising Him on that Eternal Day.
Then as a glorious perfect rose,
We are added to the Master's Bouquet.

ęDanna Robinette


All Rights Reserved











Midi: The Rose

 "Dolphin Dream's Quietude"



ęDanny Hahlbohm entitled GIFT FROM ABOVE
and used with his permission

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