As the veil of marriage begins to lift

God shares down His precious gift

A gift of love that binds two as one

Until death to depart by God's dear Son.


The rings now placed on each other's hand

A token of never ending love not made by man

As two Christians hold dear their wedding band

In holy matrimony, their love so grand.


A time of devotion, trust now won

In honor, let all things be done

Times of giving, times of taking

Sharing joy with each day's awakening.


Vows of sincerity with Christ in view

Depth nor height can destroy His love to you

A love bound by God's own hand

All storms and troubles, made to withstand.


This love consist not of earthly riches or gold

It's not in wealth this joy unfolds

But in prayer given from the hearts of two

Two minds as one, their precious love is renewed.


Let patience be first most in daily living

Let not the sun cease without forgiveness given

Gently speak words that are kind

Today, may be the last time with his hand in thine.


Cherish one another as the love of Zion

Feast on heavenly food as you dine

That one day you may stand on heaven's shore

Eternally, where parting will be no more.


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved





Artwork:Painter's Honeymoon
by Lord Frederick Leighton 
Music: Tralee
sequenced by Barry Taylor

Dingbat Font courtesy of Dizz

Flower tubes and border courtesy of Graphics Galore

Floater Script
courtesy of:


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